About Me

Alex Galante has been a certified personal fitness trainer with World Instructor Training Schools since 2016. With a background in the medical profession, she saw how healthy living can set you up for lifelong success. Now, Alex works in a business office setting. Her goal is to walk alongside others who are determined to overcome long working hours through balancing a positive work-life balance.

Why I started Fit Society/FitSWFL:

Alex Galante is a certified fitness trainer in Southwest Florida, and the founder of Fit Society. After years of training diverse clientele, working in the health sector assisting in personal care, and volunteering in social work settings, she saw that health and wellness is a huge part of personal and societal success. However, she also saw that the health industry is expensive. Fitness training and gym memberships take financial commitment, and is not being made accessible enough across the economic spectrum. That’s why Alex Galante started Fit Society. This is a community for people to achieve personal growth, build on their strengths, and strengthen your weaknesses. Fit Society’s mission is to encourage others to live well and enjoy life. Growth doesn’t happen overnight. To achieve our mission, we have one major goal: to create a fitness community which connects people who share the common goal: to get fit.Fit Society hopes to become self-sustainable nonprofit in order to provide fitness classes across Southwest Florida. Having goals are part of every fitness journey. This fitness journey is part of Alex Galante’s vision to unite diverse members of our community toward learning and growing together, while becoming healthy and building a positive, fit future for society.