10 Workouts You can Do At-Home with Your KIDS!

This subject really hits home for me. When I first had my kid (almost 9 years ago) this was the first time I actually considered getting into a gym membership. Sure I worked out during sports-practice at school. But now I was an adult, and had to do things the adult ways. Now – 9 years later, I see that joining a gym isn’t the only option! Now that my little sister has had her child, she is looking to find ways to work out. She tried gym workouts during break at work. But, being a wise person, she knew she couldn’t afford a membership–but that doesn’t stop her from going on jogs, etc.

Now that I work a normal 9-5, squeezing 2 hours at the gym (plus 30 minutes drive time) is no longer doable for me. I’d rather spend my down-time by my child’s side. I don’t condemn anyone who is able to hit the gym and still spread energy for their kids. In fact, even though I don’t have a membership, I still drop in for the day rates several times a month, when I know I have the dedicated time to go H.A.M. in the gym. But does that stop me from working out all week long? Of COURSE not!

Courtesy of Babble, here are a few workout tips you can use at home —- WITH your kids. The best part, is you will become a role model by teaching and bonding with your kids during exercise.


1. Planking

Put your elbows on the floor, raise up on the tips of your toes, and keep your back straight and your abs tight in a line. Hold that position  as long as you can. 30 seconds is pretty good if your kids can hold it that long. (We’re doing planks in the photo above.)

2. Squats

Put your feet a shoulders’ width apart and do deep knee bends as if you’re sitting down on an invisible box. Put your arms out. Make sure your knees don’t extend past your toes.

3. Push-ups

Keep your abs tight and your back straight; you can do this with a straight or bent knee.

4. Crunches

Sit-ups, but not all the way from floor to knee. Just curl your chest toward your knees. (These are called “curl-ups” at my kids’ school.)

5. Lunges

Take a step. Touch your back knee to the floor, and make sure your front knee doesn’t extend past the toes.


6. Side leg raises

Just like Jane Fonda used to do! Keep your legs straight.

7. Burpees

These are pretty tough for me, and a whole sequence of them will really get your heart racing. Squat, then put your hands to the ground. Kick your legs straight back behind you, landing on your toes. Then do a push-up, bring your legs back underneath you, and jump straight up off the floor. That’s one burpee.

8. Mountain Climbers

Start in a push-up position, then alternate bringing one foot at a time forward toward your armpit and then extend it back out. It almost looks like a stationary bear crawl.

9. Butterfly Kicks

Lie on your back. Keeping your abs tight, raise your feet just barely off the floor and flutter-kick them. This one makes my girls giggle, which then makes their abs loosey-goosey, which makes it hard for them to do the exercise. But it’s fun all the same.

10. V-ups

This one’s like a sit-up, but in the shape of a V. Lie back, extend your arms out above your head on the floor, then lift your legs and raise your torso and hands until you make a V. Reach toward your feet, then back down again.


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